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The Faculty trains bachelors in the following specialties:

  • Biotechnology;
  • Food technology and engineering.

as well as specialists and masters in 5 specialties:

  • Technology of fermentation products and wine-making;
  • Technology of storage, preservation and processing of fruit and vegetables;
  • Technology of potable water and water treatment for food production.

Technology of fermentation products and wine-making - one of the most demanded specialties in wine regions of Ukraine.

Site of the Department www.tvie.onaft.edu.ua

Specializations and programs of training:

  • Wine technology;
  • Beer and malt technology;
  • Low-alcoholic and aromatized beverages
  • Microbiology of food production.

The Odessa region has the greatest areas of vineyards in Ukraine, and Odessa itself is a great recreation center which makes occupation of a wine-maker, oenologist and brewer perspective and prestigious.

Students’ training in the specialties stated above is made by the Ukrainian leading department «Technology of wine and enology» the founders of which were famous scientists and educators

More than 19 subjects are taught at the department among them:

  • Wine technology,
  • Ampelography,
  • Processing technology of low and strong alcoholic beverages,
  • Chemistry and biochemistry of wine, etc.

The basis of curricula and subjects studied by students is in traditions and innovations. In order to improve the level of training, with participation of the Department of Wine and Oenology, educational-scientific-industrial complexes were established which allow to use for the educational process production resources of the leading enterprises of Ukraine, modern analytical equipment of industrial research institutes (the National Institute of Vine and Wine "Magarach", the National Scientific Center "V.E. Tairov Institute of viticulture and winemaking”.

The production practice is at the modern enterprises of wine-making and beer-non-alcoholic sectors of food industry (“French Boulevard”, “Shabо”, Nikolaev branch of Public JSC San InBev-Ukraine, “Obolon”, etc.) in the cities of Odessa, Yalta, Sevastopol, Artemovsk, Nikolaev and others.

The best students of our Faculty are trained in France, the USA, Bulgaria and other countries.

The knowledge and experience acquired allow our graduated to be competitive at the labor market. They are successful in their carrier and work fruitfully ad the heads, chief specialists, shift supervisors, shop managers, heads of laboratories, processing engineers, chemical engineers of joint-stock, private and joint enterprises, at the research and design institutions, at high education institutions not only in our countries, but abroad as well (Russia. Belarus, Moldova, Israel, Czech Republic, Slovakia, etc.).

«Technology of storage, preservation and processing of fruit and vegetables»

Specializations and programs of training:

  • Food quality control;
  • Food biotechnology;
  • Drying technology;
  • Natural juice processing technology;
  • Soft drink technology;
  • Food cryotechnology.

According to forecasts, in the first half of the XIX century biotech products will account for a quarter of total world production. Therefore, the production of canned products using biotechnological methods deserve a special attention.

In recent years Ukraine has reconstructed and built dozens of new modern plants in the Crimea, Odessa, Kherson, Kiev and Cherkassy regions. For these enterprises the Department of Biotechnology, canned foods and beverages trains highly qualified specialists with knowledge of modern technologies (site of Department biv.onaft.edu.ua).

Students receive a high level of knowledge in the following important and interesting subjects:

  • Theoretical grounds for food production,
  • Quality and safety control,
  • Physical and chemical basics of canning industry,
  • Scientific basics of cooling processing technology,
  • Actual problems of industry technology, etc.

Development of the range of food products raised drying to the rank of the most popular technologies – from fillings for ice-cream and yoghurt to fruit and vegetables of long-term storage, and cryotechnologies let you obtain fresh frozen vegetables, fruit, fish, seafood and other food products which retain all their natural useful properties and increasingly fill freezing showcases of modern supermarkets.

Students acquire practical experience in the leading food companies of Ukraine: the Vitmark-Ukraine company (TM "Jaffa", "Sokovyta" "Our Juice"), PJSC "Sandora", PJSC "Odessa canning factory", PJSC "Odessa baby food cannery", PJSC "Eureka" (TM "Grandma's vegetable bed"), CJSC "Chumak", "Ridna marka" corporation, LLC "Fruit Master Group", "Coca-Cola Beverages UKRAINE, LTD"company, as well as abroad in the United States - New Jersey, Wisconsin, SRL "Drosera", in Bulgaria - "BulgarLuk, Ltd." company, "Krichim Fruit, Ltd." company, AD "Bulcons".

Intending graduates are

  • Heads of food enterprises;
  • Production managers, process engineers of shifts and shops;
  • Chiefs of laboratories;
  • employees of research and scientific laboratories;
  • experts in food product control.

«Technologies of potable water and water treatment for food production»

The new specialty «Technology of potable water and water treatment for food production» – is one of the most promising. According to experts and analysts, water around the world in the near future will become a commodity, the value of which will exceed all the world's major natural resources, and technologists in water treatment who study at the department of potable water technology in ONAFT are ones of the most demanded specialists in food industry - the most water-retaining industry. Unfortunately, Ukraine by now is a country of water scarcity and quality of potable water is often a cause of many diseases.

High quality training of students in the first in the CIS countries department Technology of potable water is provided by the continuity of traditions, long experience and high qualifications of teachers, as well as opportunities for students to learn the basics of the occupation at the leading enterprises of the sector.

The teachers of the department are paying serious attention both to pedagogical and consulting and methodological work and researches dedicated to study of the promising methods of water quality management, water cleaning and treatment, water bottling and disinfection.

Every year, by means of the Department, a Scientific and Technical Conference «Water in the food industry», is held, with participation of specialists in water treatment, as well as students and young scientists of Ukraine, Russia and other countries.

The students - future technology specialists in water treatment and water quality control in the food industry - receive deep theoretical knowledge in the following subjects:

  • Innovative water treatment technologies for specialized technological processes in food industry,
  • Physico-chemical and biological bases of technologies to improve quality of water for food enterprises,
  • Management of water quality in food production,
  • Fundamentals of rational use of water in food production,
  • Scientific and technological progress and forecasting of development of water treatment technology.

Students have an opportunity to have practice in modern enterprises of the South of Ukraine, in a number of research institutes and universities of the country. They are the professionals, who are so necessary for effective supply of residents of Ukraine with tasty and useful water and food, cooked with use of high-quality water.

The Faculty opens a new direction «Biotechnology»

For the past decade development of food industry was aimed at increasing competition in production of high-quality, safe, healthy for human food products.

In today's time and in the near future the food industry should work in the socio-economic conditions that are changing rapidly. This is due to increased competition and globalization in food industry, growth of consumer demand for high-quality, safe and healthy, as well as easy-to-use food products. For the present time, the effective involvement of the latest technology, including biotechnology to the economy of Ukraine, is the task of priority.

Food production faces a number of challenges: to increase production volume with reduction of energy costs; to obtain high-quality and safe food produce. To ensure efficient use of biotechnological alternatives in food industry it is necessary to create an appropriate human resource capacity of qualified specialists in the food industrial biotechnology, the places of work for whom are food processing plants, laboratories for quality and safety control of food products and raw materials, research and design organizations, etc.

To implement post-industrial technologies, specialists of the system-level are needed, who know biotechnologies and their technological regulations, can design technological options of integrated use of biotechnological processes for specific food enterprises based on industrial and commercial aspects.

Graduates with specialty «Biotechnology» can work at:

  • food processing, chemical and biotechnological industries,
  • engineering and designing organizations,
  • enterprises for energy generation and recycling of solid and liquid waste,
  • institutions of environmental and sanitary control, certification and standardization,
  • relevant government bodies,
  • specialists in environmental examination and certification of businesses of all activities.

They will be able to apply the latest biotechnological techniques and methods in processing of food produce; with the help of biotechnological methods- to create new kinds of products, to expand the range of existing ones, to improve food safety, to carry out medical and environmental monitoring of food businesses and technologies; take specific technological solutions to improve quality of food produce, to improve economic and social efficiency of such enterprises.

The core subjects of this specialty are:

  • Genetics,
  • Engineering enzymology,
  • Food biotechnology,
  • Molecular biology,
  • Control of biotechnological process management.

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More information of the Faculty of Wine and Tourism Business you can find in site http://www.tvnb.onaft.edu.ua.