Faculty of grain and bread products, confectionery, mixed feeds and biofuel technology

Sots Sergey Mikhaylovich,
room Б-306,
Tel. 712-41-86

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Faculty «Processing technology of grain, bread products, confectioneries, mixed feed and biofuel» has more than 1000 students of day-time and correspondence form of education. Students enrolled into the educational level of «specialist», «master» in specialty «Technology of grain storage and processing» can be trained in one of eight specializations and training programs:

  • «Primary grain processing and storage technologies»;
  • «Flour production technologies»;
  • «Cereal and other grain product production technologies»;
  • «Mixed feed production technologies»;
  • «Biofuel technologies»;
  • «Premix technologies»;
  • «Fast-food product technologies»;
  • «Automated design of enterprises».

Students enrolled into the educational level of «specialist», «master» in specialty «Processing technologies of bread, confectionery, macaroni products and food concentrates» can be trained in one of six specializations and training programs:

  • Bread and bread product technologies;
  • Confectionery technologies;
  • Macaroni product technologies;
  • Food concentrate technologies;
  • Coffee and coffee beverage technologies;
  • Tea technologies.

Taking into consideration the significant role of the bakery industry and a high demand for specialists, the governmental order for these specialties is traditionally high. In recent years, the governmental order is for 100-120 workplaces among them - 75-90 workplaces in specialty "Grain storage and processing technologies" and 25-30 workplaces - in specialty "Bread, confectionery, macaroni product and food concentrate technology” Applicants who have not passed the contest for a place on the governmental order, have an opportunity to study under contracts for training, which are concluded with the natural or legal persons.

The enterprises in bread, confectionery and macaroni product industry, as well as food concentrate factories are highly mechanized and automated complexes, so for their management a specialist must acquire deep and versatile knowledge. The faculty performs training of such specialists.

The curricula include study of a wide range of subjects in humanities, general scientific and general technical cycles, as well as a cycle of special subjects. The students of the Faculty have practical training at the best industry enterprises.

Considerable attention at the Faculty is paid to scientific work of students, during which they acquire skills of independent testing food products and solving complex engineering problems with use of state-of-the art technology.

The graduates of the “Processing technology of grain, bread products, confectioneries, mixed feed and biofuel" Faculty work successfully as technologists, shop managers, heads of laboratories, chief engineers, directors of elevators, flour mills, cereal mills, mixed feed mills, bakeries, confectionery and pasta industries, as well as at the related industries in the relevant scientific research and design organizations, they teach at higher and secondary specialized educational institutions of the country.

The personnel of the Faculty is proud of its graduates: Pogrebnaya T.N. - Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Public JSC "Odesskyi Karavai"; Butsenko I.N. - Chairman of the Board of Closed JSC "Ukrelevatorprom"; Mashtakova A.E. - Chairman of the Board, Director of Closed JSC "Odessakonditer"; Nadyon Z.G. - Chairman of Public JSC "Luganskmlyn", Rybchynskyi R.S. - President of the "Union of Ukrainian flour millers".

For more information about the faculty of grain and bread products, confectionery, mixed fodder and biofuel technology can be found on the web-site www.thikv.onaft.edu.ua.