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Faculty of Low-Temperature Equipment and Engineering Mechanics

Cand. of Tech. Sci.,
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Zhykharyeva Nataliya Vitaliyivna,
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Faculty of Low-Temperature Equipment and Engineering Mechanics is included to the structure of the V.S. Martynovskyi educational-scientific institute of cold, cryotechnologies and environmental energy. Training of specialists in three education-qualification levels is performs at the faculty: bachelor, specialist and master in «Power plant engineering».

Trend «Power plant engineering» includes the following specialties:

Specialty «Cooling machinery and units» nowadays is actual, since demand for low temperatures for further scientific and technical progress, functioning of all branches of production and contemporary society continues growing. Low temperatures obtained artificially opened new possibilities for development and progress in many areas and they became the base for improvement of life quality.

Branches of activity of specialists – refrigerating engineers are defines by branches of production and science of our state where artificial cold is used. There are many such branches in the contemporary society, that is why artificial cold is a necessary component practically in all spheres of the life of the country. They are industrial refrigerators of different purpose, ships of marine/river fleet, fishing ships, cooling machinery enterprises, design and research establishments, enterprises of defence and cosmic profiles, networks of supermarkets, etc. In is necessary to stress that Ukraine has rather strong and developed cold facilities. In addition, the Academy is the only high education institution where specialists – refrigerating engineers are trained at the highest level for some decades. All that guarantees a reliable job for specialists – refrigerating engineers.

The diploma projects of the graduates are dedicated to solution of the actual problems of the cold facilities of the region and Ukraine as a whole, the themes of diploma projects corresponds to the tendencies of development of the world cooling machinery.

Specialty Cooling technology
It covers the main principles and concepts of the theory and practice of technologies and equipment in cool processing and storage of food products. Mastering of cold technologies favours formation of a specialist in cooling machinery and technology who will be able to take an active part in creation and development of food product produce and storage, which require use of cold, thus, to solve a number of problems in providing population with the basic food and creation of «cooling chain».

Specialty Conditioning and life-support systems and units
The graduates in this specialty elaborate and exploit current air conditioning systems. They can work in different areas of economy that are connected with air conditioning: mounting, installation and repair of air conditioning systems, designing and implementing ait conditioning systems equipped with different cooling machines.

Specialty Ship refrigerating systems
The graduates in this specialty can work on ships of the refrigerated fleet which carries different cargoes that require cooling, as well as condensed natural gas.

Specialty «Cryogenic Engineering and technologies» covers the newest fields of the current development of the society. They are space technologies, technologies of rocket production, support of low-temperature mode of operation for different electronic devices, lasers, infrared emission receivers based on the phenomenon of superconductivity, particularly, the hadronic collider known in the whole world.

Technologies of producing nitrogen, oxygen, argon, neon, krypton, xenon and helium from air with a high degree of purity takes a special part in cryogenic technique. Liquefaction of gases, especially that of helium, hydrogen, natural gas, oxygen and some others for their storage and transportation is an important field. Thus, the concept of development of this specialty is based on the concept of development of the fields of science and technique stated above.

Fields of activity for specialists – cryogenists are defined by the branches of industries and science where low-temperatures are used: below 120 K and down to the absolute zero.

The state-of-the art metallurgy used oxygen, chemical production – nitrogen. Neon, helium, krypton and xenon are the base of the laser technique and technique of image transmission over great distances. The cryogenic engineering formed a significant list of cryotechnologies – they are cryophysics, cryoelectronics, cryomedicine and cryobiology, cryoenergy, cryovacuum equipment, cryomaterial engineering. The rocket and space engineering cannot exist without cryogenic engineering. This is far from the complete list of life spheres of the contemporary society, where specialists who acquired specialty “Cryogenic engineering and technologies” work, particularly: SA “Sigma”, “Cryonica, Ltd.” company in Odessa, Joint venture “Icebliсk”, Odessa, J.-St. company “ZONT”, Odessa, Research Institute “Storm”, Odessa, Open J.-St. company “Metallurgical Complex named after Ilyich”, Mariupol, Public J.-St. company “Mittal Steel”, Krivoi Rog.

Specialty «Gas-turbine power units and compressor stations» unites all needs of the society in power (mechanical and electrical), as well as it finds its use in industries with higher pressure. This is a drive for engines of different purpose in all branches of industry, com gas compression for its further transportation, in refrigerating equipment when testing different elements of air liners, as main and auxiliary engines of surface and underwater ships , for soil freezing when building the underground lines of metro, etc.

Student training in specialty «Gas-turbine power units and compressor stations» started since 2000 on the basis of department «Compressors and pneumatic units». The employees of the department are highly qualified scientists who have a great experience in scientific teaching and educational work.

Our graduates successfully work in all the branches of economic activities of Ukraine and abroad. Therefore the aim of studies is training of engineers and specialists for work at compressor stations, gas mains, gas store stations, complex gas and oil treatment units at deposits, at automobile gas-filled compressor stations, at gas-filling stations and liquefied gas terminals of different enterprises, various purpose equipment with gas turbine drive, as well as for work in design, research organizations, at specialized companies and joint-stock companies.

Our graduates can work at many machine building enterprises, light and food industry, at aviation enterprises, on sea and river ships, nuclear power enterprises, etc.

Specialty «Compressors, pneumatic units and vacuum equipment» unites all needs of the society in gases under higher pressure. This is equipment which is used all in all industries: pneumatic tools, accessories that are used in technological purposes at the machine-building enterprises, in chemical industry, in production of artificial materials, in food industry, oil-chemical industry, in synthesis and oil product separation, in air separation units and production of liquefied gases, in nuclear power generation, in life support units, air conditioning in industrial and domestic buildings, in transportation of bulk materials (flour, sand), etc.

As excursus to various industries shows, there is no such field of science and engineering that does not use compressors and vacuum equipment.

Our graduates successfully work in food, refrigeration industry, in railway, maritime and automobile transport, in oil and gas industry, in medicine.

Use of vacuum allows to obtain extremely pure materials and alloys, to intensify a number of chemical processes (evaporation, sublimation dehydration, etc.). At present vacuum packing of food products is widely used, as well as vacuum sputtering, decorative metal plating, etc.

More information about the faculty can be found on the web-site fntt.onaft.edu.ua.