Faculty of Technology and Commodity Science of Food Products and Food Business

Cand. of Tech. Sci.,
Associate Professor
Sharakhmatova Tatyana Evgenievna,
Room А-230,
Ph. 712-40-06

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Owing to high-quality professor-lecturer staff, theoretic and applied base of education, the Faculty conducts training of high-quality specialists for meat, dairy, fats and oils and fish processing industries in accordance with the multi-level system – bachelor-specialist-master on the budget and contract basis, in day-time and correspondence forms of education.

The Faculty trains bachelors in 3 directions: «Food Processing & Engineering», «Commodity Science & Trade Business», «Technological Examination & Safety of Food Produce», as well as specialists and masters in the following specialties:

  • «Milk storage, preservation and processing technology»;
  • «Meat storage, preservation and processing technology»;
  • «Technology for aquatic bioresource storage and processing»;
  • «Technology for fats and oils and their substitutes»;
  • «Technological examination and safety of food produce»;
  • «Commodity science and commercial activity»;
  • «Commodity science and examination in Customs affairs».

Taking into account the necessity in high-quality food products produced by the industries stated above, the governmental order for training of highly qualified specialists is very high - 80 study places and 60 - of them are for technological specialties and 20 - for technological examination and commodity science.

In specialty «Milk storage, preservation and processing technology» students study methods of production for different groups of dairy products, improve their knowledge in the sphere pf checking the raw material and finished produce, study fundamentals of automated designing for up-to-date enterprises of dairy industry. The students are taught in individual specializations and programs of training:

  • «Technology for ice-cream production»,
  • «Technology for oils and fats production»,
  • «Technology for baby food production»,
  • «Food product safety»,
  • «Technology of food drying».

The students who study specialty «Meat storage, preservation and processing technology» acquire skills of specialists of primary farm animal and poultry processing, methods of production of different meat products and delicacies. The students study in individual specialization and program of training

  • «Technology for spices and herbs».

The students of specialty «Technology for aquatic bioresource storage and processing», study methods of production of seafood, processed semi-finished products, dried and culinary fish products, canned food, preserves, fast-frozen finished meal that does not require culinary processing.

The students study in individual specialization and program of training

  • «Technology for fish and seafood».

Nowadays the margarine, confectionery, dairy and other kinds of food industry in Ukraine have a great need in fats and oils which in its turn require development of fats and oils industry. The students who study specialty «Technology for fats and oils and their substitutes», study methods of fats and oils production, chemical methods for fat and oil production, methods of mayonnaise, margarine, dressing, gravy production. The students study in individual specialization and program of training:

  • «Technology for fats»,
  • «Technology for perfume and cosmetics».

One of the priority guidelines in development of Ukraine is provision of human nutrition with products of full value and safety which is the main aim of the hygienic examination of food products. The demand for specialists in food product examination is continuously rising. The students who study specialty «Technological examination and safety of food products» acquire versatile knowledge in food chemistry, chemistry of raw materials for food production, in mastering current methods of determination of quality and safety of food products, ability to estimate effectiveness of processing methods, etc.

The Odessa Region is a leading industrial and trade region in the south of Ukraine. The tendencies in development of foreign economic activities result in increase of volumes of export-import operations via a network of customs offices.

It is the boundary status of the Odessa region that specifies a critical need in high qualification specialists in specialty «Commodity science and examination in customs affairs».

For specialists of this category a great significance is ability to identify goods, to analyze their assortment, to examine their quality in accordance with the acting standards, to examine goods and services, to check customs processing of export-import cargoes.

The prevailing specialties are as follows:

  • Foodstuffs commodity science,
  • Non-food commodity science,
  • Examination of goods,
  • Quality management,
  • Customs affairs,
  • Technical means of customs control.

The department Examination and commodity science has a highly qualified teaching staff and the required laboratory base. The students have a possibility to be practiced at the customs offices of the South region, in the customs laboratories which give them a possibility to provide training of future specialists at the high level.

The students of specialty «Commodity science and commercial activity» study in the following specializations and training programs:

  • Examination of goods and services;
  • Foodstuff safety.

At the present stage of the economic development of Ukraine the foodstuff and non-food product market is extending continuously due to different kinds of produce which requires constant and effective governmental control of their quality. It is caused by a necessity to follow the basic requirements of the Law «On protection of consumer rights» for controlling quality and safety of all kinds of products, for securing interests of population.

The graduates acquire professional skills and deep knowledge in consumption properties of goods, methodology of studying needs of population in goods, with specificity of their consumption properties, formation of assortment, carrying out goods evaluation and examination, competitiveness of goods and marketing means taken into consideration.

The need in specialists of this trend have: the administration dealing with protection of consumer rights, the chamber of commerce and industry, commercial enterprises, research laboratories, networks of supermarkets and commodity exchangesThe graduates of the faculty acquire comprehensive applied education, therefore they are of demand not only in Ukraine, but in the near and far abroad countries. They renew engineering and technical personnel of dairy, fat and oil, meat and fish industries in positions of directors, heads of production, chief process engineers, head of laboratories, engineers in product quality control, foremen who work in sanitary-epidemiological services, bread inspection, veterinary service, governmental inspection in trade and quality of goods and services, administrative bodies on protection of consumer rights, in organizations of governmental control in certification and standardization, in the Chamber of commerce and industry, etc.

Under the guidance of educators and representatives of enterprises the students have practice at the modern enterprises in different industries of Ukraine which are equipped with high-tech, state-of-the–art equipment: “Danon, Ltd.” company, CJSt. company “Lactalis”, “Belotservovnyi dairy plant, Ltd.”, “TERRA-FOOD, Ltd.” company, CJSt. company “Zolotonoshskyi butter-processing plant”,. “Elite, Ltd.” company, CJSt. “Laska”, CJSt. company “Delta Vilmar CIS”, Public J.-St. company “Odessa Fat and Oil Complex”, Public J.-St. company “Illychevsk Fat and Oil Complex”, Public J.-St. company “Vinnitsa Fat and Oil Complex”, PE company “Garmash”, joint-venture company “Vekka”, “Odessa Meat-Processing Plant, Ltd.”, “Libra, Ltd.” company, CJSt. company “Mironovskaya Poultry Plant”, “Tulchin Meat, Ltd.” company, “Elite-Odessa, Ltd.” company, “Antarktika, Ltd.” company, as well as at fish-processing plants of Russia, the USA (Alaska), Canada.

Active creative students of the Faculty have a possibility to engage with science, the graduates have an excellent chance to realize their intellectual potential and enter the post-graduate course and further on to become lecturers at the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies.

Each student of the Faculty has a chance to exert himself or herself in the amateur art at the students’ club and in sports – at their disposal there is a modern sport complex with a swimming-pool, rooms for shaping, mini-football, basketball and gymnastics.

More information about the faculty can be found on the web-site www.ftpp.onaft.edu.ua.