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Schools of sciences and directions


  • Creation of technological processes for food and grain processing sectors of the agroindustrial complex (AIC);
  • Elaboration of techniques for new types of food products made of non-traditional raw materials;
  • Creation of new, highly effective equipment, automation of production processes for food and grain-processing production;
  • Support of technology creation for obtaining safe food products and determination of criteria for their estimation;
  • Solution of economic problems of AIC enterprises activity in market conditions;
  • Creation of highly reliable and energetically effective absorption refrigerators of various purpose. Design of solar refrigerators. Simulation of thermodynamic properties and creation of multicomponent working media for throttle cooling systems.

ONAFT scientific schools

Pos. Name of scientific school Scientific supervisor
1. Theory and practice of physical and chemical and biotechnological modification of natural compounds, their complexes, raw materials and food products Prof., Dr. of Eng. Kapreliants L.V.,
Prof., Dr. of Eng. Cherno N.K.
2. Elaboration of new energy saving technologies in bread product and confectionery production Prof., Dr. of Eng. Iorgacheva E.G.
3. Scientific bases and energy saving technologies in mixed fodder production Prof., Dr. of Eng. Egorov B.V.
4. Theory and practice of creation of new technologies for food products Prof., Dr. of Eng. Vinnikova L.G.,
Prof., Dr. of Eng. Bezusov A.T.
5. Theory and equipment of combined macro-, micro- and nano-scale processes of transfer in technological systems Prof., Dr. of Eng. Burdo O.G.
6. Theory and equipment of primary processing of food raw materials, drying of plant raw materials and food products Prof., Dr. of Eng. Gaponyuk O.I.,
Prof., Dr. of Eng. Stankevich G.N.
7. Simulation and optimal control of technological processes in storage and processing of agricultural raw materials Prof., Dr. of Eng. Khobin V.A.
8. Elaboration of production technology and examination of physical and chemical. Technical and operation characteristics of new functional materials and coatings Prof., Dr. of Ph. and Math Sci. Fedosov S.N.,
Prof., Dr. of Ph. and Math Sci. Sergeeva A.E.
9. Support of functioning and development of the economic security system of the state and business subjects Prof., Dr. of Eng. Pavlov A.I.
10. Low-temperature micro-coolers PhD, Ass. Prof. Semenyuk V.A.
11. Cryogenic technologies of liquefied gas production Prof., Dr. of Eng. Bondarenko V.L.,
Dr. of Eng., senior researcher Simonenko Yu.M.
12. Heat-exchange apparatuses of the cooling systems and condenser compartments of refrigerating plants Prof., Dr. of Eng. Lagutin A.E.
13. Heat-mass-exchange equipment for power generating, refrigerating and cryogenic systems Prof., Dr. of Eng. Doroshenko A.V.
14. Simulation and prognostication of heat physical properties of substances and materials. Study of heat physical properties of substances and nanofluids Prof., Dr. of Eng. Zheleznyi V.P.,
Prof., Dr. of Eng. Mazur V.A.
15. Intellectual and informational-analytical technologies, integrated systems of databases in the fields of information communications Prof., Dr. of Eng. Knyazeva N.O.
16. Multifactor, multicriterion optimization of space-hour structure of information networks Prof., Dr. of Eng. Gaivoronskaya G.S.