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Research Institute

Director of the Research Institute
PhD Tech., Associate Professor
Bordun Tatyana Vasilyevna,
room А-146,
Tel. (048) 712-40-46,
Tel./fax. (048) 725- 31-64

The Research Institute in the ONAFT was founded in 2008 on the base of the research part of the Academy on the basis of the Order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy & Food of Ukraine No. 164 dated March 20, 2008.

The Conception of development of ONAFT research and innovation activities was adopted at the meeting of the Academic Council (Protocol No. 10 dated 9.04.2013) for the period of time up to 2020 where the basic provisions for development of ONAFT research activity were formulated and priorities and directions for improvement of the research activity system for students, post-graduates, young scientists, lecturers and scientific employees of the Academy were defined.

The aims of the Research Institute are as follows: carrying out of complex fundamental, retrieval researches, applied researches, system analysis and monitoring of the financial and economic, technical and technological. Ecological state of food production as a component of supporting the insurance of the food security of the state and creation of new food products, equipment and technological processes for their production, as well as the means for control and feasibility study, elaboration of projects and measures on improvement of regulatory legal support of food production in Ukraine and its adaptation to the EC legislation by request of the central authorities; participation in the strategical planning of development of all fields of the food and grain industries and its scientific and methodical provision.

The Research Institute includes the following structures:

  • Problematic research laboratory of complex processing of the vegetable raw materials into food and fodder products, the scientific director – Dr of Eng., Associate Prof. Zhigunov Dmitriy Aleksandrovich;
  • Problematic research laboratory of refrigerating engineering, the scientific director – deputy research director of the Educational and Research Institute of cold, cryotechnologies & environmental energy named after V.S. Martynovskyi, Prof., Dr. of Eng. Lagutin A.E.;
  • Research laboratory “Preserved food sterilization, quality control and safety”, the scientific director –Dr. of Eng., Prof. of the Biotechnology, preserved food and beverage dept. Verkhivker Ya.G.;
  • Research laboratory of phyto-preparation technology, the scientific director – Dr. of Bio. Sci., Prof. of the Mixed fodder and biofuel dept. Levitskiy A.P.;
  • Research laboratory of microbiological studies named after O.A.Kirilenko, the scientific director – PhD. Tech., Associate Prof. of Biochemistry, microbiology & physiology of nutrition dept. Egorova A.V.;
  • Consulting laboratory “Therma”, the scientific director – Head of dept. of processes, devices and energy management, Prof., Dr of Eng. Burdo O.G.;
  • Consulting laboratory of healthy diet, the scientific director – PhD Tech., Associate Prof. Kozonova Yu.A.; 
  • Research laboratory of organic production, the scientific director – Starchevskyi Yu.I.;
  • Research laboratory of mechatronics and robotronics, the scientific director – PhD Tech., senior lecturer Egorov V.B.;
  • Research laboratory of energomanagement, the scientific director – Prof., Dr. of Eng. Burdo O.G.;
  • Educational and research laboratory of potable water and water treatment, the scientific director – Dr. of Eng., Associate Prof. Kovalenko E.A.;
  • Research laboratory of grain and bread product quality control, the scientific director – PhD Tech., Associate Prof. Shpyrko T.V.;
  • Research and Information dept., Head – PhD in Chemistry., senior academician Danilova E.I.;
  • Research laboratory “Thermoelectrical coolers”, the scientific director – Prof., Dr. of Eng. Khmelnyuk M.G.;
  • Research laboratory “Food nanotechnologies”, the scientific director – Prof., Dr. of Eng. Burdo O.G.;
  • Research centre “Centre of economic investigations”, director – Prof., Dr. of Ec. Sci. Topikha V.I.;
  • International school of fodders;
  • Organizational sector of researches.

The Research Institute carries out fundamental, applied and retrieval researches, implements scientific developments and results of researches to production, concludes commercial contracts for fulfilment of researches, as well as other contracts for carrying out researches and rendering services.