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Faculty of Management, Marketing and Logistics

Cand. of Economic Sci.,
Associate Professor
Ageeva Irina Nikolaevna

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It performs training of bachelors – specialists - masters in the day time and correspondence form of studies in the following specialties:

  • «Management of organizations»;
  • «Logistics»;
  • «Marketing».

The Management, Marketing and Logistics Faculty was founded on the basis of the Faculty of Economics, Management and Business, it has deep historical roots - training of engineers – economists has been carried out since 1933.

The need in creation of a new faculty has been brewing up for a long time. Recent changes necessitate improvement of business, requirements to specialists in various fields. In this connection, in the recent years the Faculty of economics, management and business grew rapidly: new specialties and specializations appeared, the acting ones were reorganized and new departments were established. As a result, the faculty was divided into two new faculties: “Economics and business” and “Management and marketing”, and since 2011 – “Management, marketing and logistics”.

The faculty of management, marketing and logistics in the ONAFT includes three departments:

  • marketing, business and trade (Head of dept. – D-r of Tech. Sci., Prof. M.P. Mardar);
  • management and logistics (Head of dept. – D-r of Ec. Sci., Prof. I.I. Savenko);
  • sociology, philosophy and law (Head of dept. – D-r of Hist. Sci., Prof. G.V.Angelov).

At the departments "Marketing, business and trade" and "Management and Logistics" students are trained in specialty «Management of organizations», as well as in specialization "Management of hotel and catering industry", where students study effective management, determination of current and strategic aims of the company and its subunits. The main feature of the manager is ability to work in a team, for that it is necessary to understand the motives of people in taking specific steps, to determine responsibility and commissions of every person.

The manager is the head at any level: from the head of workshop to the head of the enterprise. In economically developed countries, only availability of education allows the manager to take a leading position.

Specialty "Management of hotel and catering industry" allows you to learn a complicated and multi-functional structure of the tourism business. A graduate from ONAFT in this profile is able to manage effectively a hotel (a restaurant) or one of the areas of its business, to determine its strategic goals to create a high-tech hotel product, customer-oriented, thus, contributing to development of recreation in the Southern region and in Ukraine as a whole, raising the image and the overall competitiveness of our country in the world.

Specialty "Logistics" allows you to learn how to manage effectively all types of flows at the enterprise - from material and financial information to labour - in order to optimize production costs. Logistics is designed to save time, products, money, space, equipment. A logistician elaborates optimal management decisions for achievement of competitive advantage - low cost of production, as well as he determines the most effective ways of development of the company in future.

Today, any industry needs specialists who know how to maximize profits, improve product range, develop relationships with partners, expand into new markets. Under conditions of market economy, one of important elements of effective management is marketing. Specialists of this level are planned to be taught at the department of marketing and logistics, where for several years research works and theses are successfully performed in the fields of marketing activity of food enterprise.

Speciality "Marketing" opens wide horizons for a contemporary specialist: graduates can work in food and other enterprises, media holdings, consulting firms as marketing directors, marketing specialists, they can elaborate advertising campaigns, PR- actions, events to promote products and services, elaborate pricing policy of the company, to explore the market, to create new brands and trademarks and bring them to the market, to work out and implement marketing plans and programs.

Owing to the highly qualified teaching staff, the developed material and technical base and use of innovative methods of teaching, the Faculty trains specialists with a high level of knowledge who can quickly be adapted to conditions of organizations, formulate objectives, define problems, they are not afraid of responsibility and can make decisions in management.

When getting acquainted with work of managers at all levels for 5 years of studies, the students of the faculty pass through practice and training, and after graduation from the Academy or even in higher training they work at the leading enterprises of Ukraine. Nowadays our graduates take managerial positions in various spheres - from the food industry and services to public administration, tax authorities and banks, they confirm high quality of knowledge and skills they have acquired at the Academy.

The high level of teaching, a combination of knowledge of management with knowledge of technologies distinguishes our graduates from the others, it allows them to be more popular and competitive in the labor market.

Much attention is given at the departments of the Faculty to research work of students, for promotion of development of creative thinking. Students at the Academy are worthy of national and international olympiads, competitions, scientific conferences. The high level of training is confirmed by numerous awards, diplomas and certificates of different degrees.

The studying process at the faculty is inextricably linked to the educational work. The self-governmental bodies of students actively work at the faculty. Very popular among the students are different events related to development of their creative, professional and personal potential. Students of all years of study participate in amateur art and sports at all levels with special interest.

The future of the Faculty of management, marketing and logistics is in continuous professional mastering of qualification by its staff, improvement of the material and technical base, use of the advanced practices for conducting the educational process and scientific researches, development of cooperation with enterprises, research and educational institutions.

More information about the faculty can be found on the web-site fmml.onaft.edu.ua.