Faculty of the energy management, process equipment and design engineering

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Formation and development of Faculty of the energy management, process equipment and design engineering is organically linked with the history of the Academy.
Most of graduates of schools, colleges, technical schools rely on the choice of their future profession on their parents, friends, relatives and acquaintances. Some of them are looking for answers in the Internet spaces and directories of high education institutions. Others come to the «Open Day of the Institute of Mechanics, Automation and Robotics named after P.N. Platonov».
Having received comprehensive answers to any questions that allow to become clear in choosing their future profession and to get detailed information about the specialties of the Faculty, they make their choice immediately stopping the choice on us! On the professionals! On the leaders!
Department of Energy management, process equipment and engineering design has extensive experience in training of highly skilled engineers, gives comprehensive knowledge in the following fields:



Specializations and program of education:

  • «Design engineering»
  • «Technical ergonomics»
  • «Fundamentals of design and packaging design»
  • «Technology and equipment for the manufacture of packaging materials»
  • «Technology of packaging, storage of packaged products and recycling of waste packaging»
  • «Equipment for manufacturing hermetically sealed tare and packaging»
  • «Design of packaging machines and equipment»
  • «Robotics»



Specializations and programs of education:

  • «Energy security and energy management»
  • «Equipment of food production»
  • «Equipment of grain production»
  • «Explosion safety of grain processing enterprises»
  • «Industrial ventilation and air conditioning»
  • «Handling machinery»
  • «Food Appliances»
  • «Refrigerating equipment»
  • «Technical services»
  • «Triboengineering»
  • «Technical restyling»
  • «Industrial robots in industrial production»

In 2015 the Faculty began training of Masters in specialty: «Energy management»!

The need in specialists is stipulated by development of market relations in Ukraine, restructuring of regions and entry of Ukraine into the world economy, particularly in the WTO.
It was clearly manifested as a result of threats to the global energy crisis in Ukraine due to system lack of energy resources, their extremely high cost and use of out-of-date and expensive technologies. Even modest forecasts indicate that due to introduction of energy effective technologies, the Ukrainian industry can reduce energy consumption more than by 30% compared to its current state. And this is the task that is most urgent for the masters in Energy management - a mandatory component of introduction of innovative technologies!

Education of specialists at the Faculty of energy management, process equipment and design engineering is carried out by two graduating departments:

Department «Processes, equipment and energy management», the head of dept.: Oleg Grigorievich Burdo, Prof., and department «Process equipment of grain production» - the head of dept.: Oleg Ivanovich Gaponyuk, Prof. – the leading departments in Ukraine, with long-time traditions, based by prominent scientists and educators.

The following departments are also included to the Faculty structure:

  • Physics and materials science – head of department: Sergeeva A.E., Prof., Dr. Sci. in Physics and Mathematics,
  • Engineering graphics and design engineering – head of department: Ivanova L.A., Prof., Dr. of Engineering.

The basis of programs and subjects which students study is in traditions and innovations.
Education of mechanical engineers and energy managers is provided by 14 professors, Drs. of Sci., 22 associate professors, PhDs, 4 assistants of PhD, 2 senior lecturers and 7 assistants.
During the years of history the Faculty graduated more than 10 thousand highly qualified specialists for grain processing and food industries, who successfully work in Ukraine and in countries around the world.
Conditions of education. Education is made on the governmental budget and contract basis in a small group. Education is conducted in specialized laboratories with use of interactive board and multimedia technologies. At students’ service are: virtual laboratory works on fundamentals of energy management, specialized laboratories of agro-industrial complex “Ecoindustry”, “Alternative sources of energy”, “Energetic monitoring of productive processes”, “Energy-effective technological processes”, “Virtual processes”.
Education programs at the Faculty of energy, process equipment and design engineering allowed to obtain high-quality higher education, skills and practical skills for work in a wide range of enterprises, to ensure effective operation of any technologic process and transport equipment, to service packing equipment, refrigeration equipment to carry out high-quality technical service and master the basics of design and ergonomics.
Our faculty pays a great attention to development of students’ creative abilities, their involvement into research, design activity and management of the Academy.
Young specialists are in demand at:

  • research and production engineering design bureaus, 
  • machine-building and repair-mechanical works,
  • installation-setup organizations,
  • acting enterprises of grain-processing and food industries,
  • regional inspectorates in energy efficiency,
  • in consulting and commercial establishments in energy service,
  • in energy supply and infrastructure services under regional administrative authorities, mayor’s office, district administrative authorities,
  • energy management services that provide success of various sectors of economics,
  • large leading enterprises in energy efficiency,
  • design and setup organizations for planning and management of innovation technology implementation processes.

Graduates of our Faculty hold management positions (chief mechanical engineers, chief engineers, directors, managers of production, energy managers, experts in energy supply and energy efficiency) at grain elevators and gran-reception points, mills, cereal and feed mills, macaroni and confectionery plants, bakeries, milk factory, creamery, meat-packing plants and other enterprises of food industry.

The faculty is proud of the achievements of its graduates, such as BV Burkinskiy – Dr. of Economics, Prof., the winner of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Director of the Institute of Market Problems and Economic and Ecological Research of the NAS of Ukraine; D.V. Yorgachov - Chairman of the Board of PJSC "Odeskabel"; V.T. Gulavsky - Director of the Novoukrainsk bread plant (BP); S.V. Bezbakh - Director of the Gaysin BP; A.B. Kovalenko - Director of the Gomel BP (Belarus); K.V. Lazarev - Director of the Belgorod (Russia) BP and others.

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