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Center for Studying Foreign Languages «Success»

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Do you want to learn a foreign language? Do not waste your time! 

An important fact is how much you are absorbed in studying the language you have chosen. The more time you spend on studying a language, the faster you will master it. It means that you will learn how to read, write and speak a language by learning new words and phrases and listening to CDs. But this does not mean that you are sitting idly and look out the window, passively waiting for an explanation of how this or that foreign language works. Of course it will be better if you enjoy spending your time on learning the language you have chosen. Read and learn new words and phrases that make your ineteresed, even if at first they are not so accessible for understanding. The teacher can not teach you to speak any language fluently, you can learn it only if you really want it! You should enjoy learning a language!

You do not have to worry if you can not remember, or can not understand, or even use some words or expressions in conversation. It's not scary! You must learn and improve your knowledge!

You must be sure that you are spending time learning a foreign language consciously. This is the biggest guarantee of your success!

This guarantee is the Center for Studying Foreign Languages "SUCCESS". English, German, French and Polish. The choice is yours! Get your documents checked and join our courses every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11.00 till 14.00 at the Department of Foreign Languages, room V-333.