G.E. Weinstein Educational & Scientific Institute of Applied Economics and Management

Cand. of Economic Sci.,
Kalaman Olga Borisovna

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The Institute, as a division of the Academy, was founded on September 7, 2012 on the basis of two faculties: economics, business; control; management, marketing and logistics.

The Institute is named after Grigoriy Emmanuilovich Weinstein, a known industrialist, the chairman of the Odessa Commodity Exchange Committee, philanthropist, founder of the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies.

The Institute is comprised of eight departments: industrial economics; accounting and audit; management and logistics; marketing, business and trade; economic theory and economic and financial security; sociology, philosophy and law; studies of Ukraine and linguistics; foreign languages.

The Institute provides training of specialists in six specialties: "Economics of business"; "Accounting and audit"; "Management of organizations and administration"; "Marketing"; "Logistics"; "Management of financial and economic security".

The Institute has a post-graduate course on specialty 08.00.04 - economics and management of enterprises (in the types of economic activity), there is an opportunity to study at the target doctoral research school, there functions research school "Maintenance of functioning and development of the economic security of the state and economic entities" (the Head – D-r of Economic Sciences, Prof. Pavlov A.I.), two scientific journals are published: "Economics of Food Industry" (in collaboration with the Institute of Market Problems and Economic and Ecological Research of NASU) and the "Economic and Food Security of Ukraine".

The Institute's mission is to create a competitive multi-level model of the education system that meets actual requirements and satisfies the needs of the individual, through integration of the educational process, production and science. To do it, concepts, strategy and targeted program of Institute development were elaborated.

The purpose of the Institute is improvement of the quality of education, strengthening of the practical orientation of specialist training, improvement of effectiveness of research activities, especially in the field of the applied economics in accordance with the profile of the activities of the Academy.

The main activities of the Institute are as follows:

  • specialist training on the licensed areas, specialties of education and qualification levels: bachelor, specialist, master's degree in cooperation with other departments of the Academy;
  • research and related works of the innovation cycle "science-production";
  • educational, methodical work;
  • organizational work;
  • research work;
  • cultural – educational work;
  • occupation-oriented work;
  • work on scientific – pedagogical personnel training;
  • work on improvement of the logistical and educational base.