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International Center of Ukrainian-Bulgarian Cooperation

Director, Center of Ukrainian-Bulgarian Cooperation
assistant Vasylyna Kovalova,
Phone: +38 (068) 0028194

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On December 8, 2017, the International Center of Ukrainian-Bulgarian Cooperation began its work. The Center's activities are aimed to ensuring the organization and development of cooperation between ONAFT and its partners with academic, industrial and public enterprises, institutions, organizations and universities of the Republic of Bulgaria. The main objective of the Center is to promote the development of international cooperation in the scientific, cultural and humanitarian spheres between Ukraine and Bulgaria.

ONAFT began to partner with Bulgarian higher education institutions in 2011, signing an agreement on cooperation with Thracian University on Stara Zagora. In 2012, an agreement on cooperation was concluded with the University of Food Technologies of Plovdiv, a year later, an agreement was concluded on joint educational activities on the issue of double diplomas. Similar agreements were also signed with the Technical University of Varna. In 2017, the University of Ruse «Angel Kanchev» became the new partner of ONAFT, were agreement on joint educational activities on the issue of double diplomas was concluded.

Foundation of the Center will make it possible to implement bilateral projects, to intensify cooperation between ONAFT and Bulgarian universities, to expand the knowledge of students, postgraduate students, teachers through the practice and internship in profile institutions of Bulgaria.