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Faculty of Computer Engineering, Programming and Cyber Security

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Lomovtsev Pavel Borisovich,
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Faculty of Computer Engineering, Programming and Cyber Security is included to the structure of the Educational and Scientific Institute of cold, cryogenic technologies and environmental energy named after Martynovskyi. The Faculty performs specialist training in three education-qualification levels: bachelor, specialist and master degrees in the fields of training: «Computer Sciences» and «Computer Engineering».

At the Faculty of information technologies and cyber security the students have an opportunity to study the following specialties:

Specialty «Information Control Systems and Technologies» refers to the field «Computer Sciences» and is provided in the department of information technologies and cyber security.

The main specializations are as follows:

  • fundamental informatics and information technologies;
  • applied mathematics and informatics;
  • computer security.

The experience of companies which can arrange well the information servicing of authority employees has shown that many problems can be solved if the database of strategic data be formed simultaneously with elaboration and use of information control systems (ICS) of various types. ICS allows you to gather information about the past and the present; make predictions of events, be aware of the actual cases in the company at a specific period of time, etc.

At the end of training the graduates acquire appropriate qualification:

  • Specialist – programming engineer;
  • Master – analyst of computer systems.

According to the existing nomenclature, a graduate in this specialty can occupy such positions: scientific worker (computing systems), computer systems analyst; engineer of computer systems; engineer with use of computer; computer systems designer; computer software engineer; engineer for computer use; adviser in computer systems; research engineer; scientific worker; chief (head) of production laboratory, head of laboratory; teacher of higher educational institutions; software engineer; head of research laboratory; head of information and computing center.

Specialty «Information technologies of design» refers to the filed «Computing sciences» and is provided at the department of information technologies and cyber security.

The main fields are as follows:

  • computer-aided design (CAD) systems in machine building and energy sector;
  • computer-aided design and designing.

The contemporary society cannot be imagined without use of information technologies in any sphere of human activity. All the usual things that surround us and which people use - from creation of a design of a thing or its drawing up to all the necessary calculations for its manufacturing, advertisement of the thing and its sale - are made by using computer programs that help to design three-dimensional models and obtain drawings, to control equipment and to do much more other things. Creation of printed and electronic publications, web site and elaboration of programs for work in the Internet – all that is also the use of information technologies of design. Without creation and use of programs for computer graphics and animation not a single promotional video preview trailer or a modern movie with special effects will do, no any computer game and a graphic visualization of the project - be it a building, home decor, furniture, or any device.

At the end of training the graduates acquire the appropriate qualifications:

  • Specialist – programming engineer;
  • Master – analyst of computer systems.

A graduate in specialty "Information technologies of design" - is a IT-specialist who can work in departments of organizations and enterprises related to the project activities. This can be: elaboration and maintenance of software, design of computer information systems, elaboration of design and technological documentation, elaboration of three-dimensional models for production and use of multimedia programs (visualization, animation, advertising), elaboration of design projects, elaboration of Web-sites.

Specialty «Computer systems and networks» refers to the field «Computer engineering» and is provided at the Department of information and communication technologies.

The main specializations are:

  • information security of telecommunication systems;
  • infocommunications.

One of the most important tasks in the field of telecommunications is creation of networks of the next generation NGN that include the access networks.

Today more and more demanded in the labor market are professions associated with use of microcontroller devices and programmable logic integrated circuits. Training in these areas is carried out by highly qualified specialists of the department, who combine teaching with work over real projects in leading companies of Odessa.

At the end of training the graduates acquire the appropriate qualification:

  • Specialist – computer system engineer;
  • Master – computer system analyst.

The graduates can work as system administrators, engineers on computer equipment maintenance in computing centers, in the companies that manufacture and service the computer equipment or in companies which have a large fleet of computers.

Specialty «Specialized computer systems» refers to the field «Computer engineering» and it is provided at the department of information systems and networks.

The main specializations are:

  • information and analytical security systems;
  • computer ecological and economic monitoring;
  • multimedia and gaming systems.

Specialized computer systems (SCS) are designed for solution of specific problems in problem-oriented systems, which are widely used in the field of air navigation, industry, construction and space equipment, robotic systems, medicine, home appliances, etc. The prospect for SCS propagation is specified by the high results that were achieved in micro- and nanotechnologies.

In addition to acquiring of professional knowledge in programming, operation and maintenance of office computer networks, the SCS specialists acquire knowledge in designing, adapting and improving the open problem-oriented distributed enterprise-wide computer networks.

At the end of training the graduates acquire the appropriate qualifications:

  • Specialist – computer system engineer;
  • Master – computer system analyst, teacher.

The place of employment for graduates may be organizations, enterprises, institutions of various activities both in Ukraine and abroad. The graduates may hold the following positions: database administrator, engineer of automated control systems in production, computer systems engineer, system adjusting and testing engineer.

Training of future specialists in the Faculty of information technologies and cyber security is performed at the comprehensive and specific departments. They offer to the students: modern computer classes, laboratories which are equipped with unique modern experimental stands, devices and installations. All conditions are created for the participation of students in scientific research, student competitions in academic disciplines and academic conferences.

All the laboratory and practical works directly related to information technologies are carried out only in computer classes with use of modern software. A large part of lectures is carried out with use of multimedia techniques and demonstration of presentation material or implementation of the programs, which are taught.

All kinds of practice - educational, industrial, pre-graduate, as well as the research work of students are carried out in the laboratories of the Academy, at the leading enterprises, research institutions located in Odessa and the region.

The list of companies where our graduates are employed:

IDE Group, Hvoya Integrate, PSOFT, Arka, Intersog, Odessa railway terminal, Tenet, UkrTelecom, Ukrainian-American trade establishment “Contact”, Epam Systems, Lohika Systems, Netpaek, Product Engine Inc., NXC, Internet-agency “NETPRIFIT, Blam! Games studio, Luxoft, NetCracket, J.-St. company “Misto Bank”, GCgroup, Ltd., Odessa port-operated plant and many others.

Do you want to get an interesting, modern and highly paid profession which will always be actual in the society? - The Faculty of Computer Engineering, Programming and Cyber Security of the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies is waiting for You!