Educational-scientific institute of computer systems and technologies "Industry 4.0"

Cand. of Tech. Sci.,
Associate Professor
Kotlik Sergey Valentinovich

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Educational-scientific institute of computer systems and technologies "Industry 4.0" them. P.M. Platonova unites the departments of two faculties "Computer Systems and Automation" and "Computer Engineering, Programming and Cybersecurity".

The Institute carries on the best traditions of engineering science and education, which were laid in as far back as in 1902.

More than 20 professors, doctors of sciences and more than 100 candidates of sciences work in the departments of the Institute, they enter the scientific elite of Odessa and Ukraine. Every year several candidate theses and at least one doctoral thesis are defended at the institute.

Unique scientific schools are established and work efficiently at the Institute, they are headed by such eminent scientists as Professors V.A. Khobin, O.G. Burdo, A.K. Gladushnyak, O.I. Gaponyuk, S.N. Fedosov, A.E. Sergeyev and others.

The achievements of the scientists of the institute, well-known in our country and abroad, in such diverse areas as automated systems, process equipment and food and grain production, energy saving and power management, nanotechnology, physics of ferroelectrics In the departments of the institute research works are also carried out in such fundamentals and general engineering research areas as applied mechanics, electrical engineering, geometry and topology, mathematical theory of combustion and explosion.

The Institute's scientists are well known not only with scientific works, but also with their inventive activity. Achievements of educators and scientific workers of the Institute are constantly implemented into production, first of all - into enterprises of the food, grain and processing areas. The students’ science is well developped, almost every graduation work is accompanied by a relevant patent. The masters’ works of the Institute graduates are published in the best scientific journals of the country and they become the basis for writing Candidate theses in future.

On the basis of departments and faculties of the Institute three scientific conferences are held annually: International scientific-practical conference «Improvement of processes and equipment for food and chemical industries», international scientific conference «Geometry in Odessa» and the All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference «Information technologies and automation».

The Institute issues scientific journals "Automation of technological and business processes" and "Works of the international geometric center" where articles are published which are written by both young scientists and the leading figures of the national and foreign science.

Scientists, educators, post-graduates and students of the P.M. Platonov Educational and Scientific Institute "Mechanics, Automation and Robotics" make up a harmonious triad of "education - research - production", which is able to provide a real increase in the technological development of our country on the basis of innovations, creation and rapid introduction of new scientific products.