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At present the demand for well-trained professionals in the field of economics is quite high, despite the fact that they are trained almost at every high education institution. Quick change of the economic situation, the entry of foreign companies to the Ukrainian market after the country's accession to the WTO traditionally generate a high demand for workers of economics, so training of highly qualified specialists in the sphere of economics, accounting, finance does not lose its significance, but even takes a special meaning.

Faculty of Economics of the ONAFT began training of engineers - economists in 1933, and since that time it has trained more than 10 thousands of specialists.

Today, the Faculty of Economics, Business and Control performs teaching of students in two traditional specialties in education and qualification levels (EQL) «bachelor» and EQL «specialist»: «Business Economics» and «Accounting and Audit». Both specialties have been accredited in accordance with the highest, IV-th, level, at the Faculty trains bachelors are trained (4 years, day-time), specialists (1 year). As for the correspondence form of education: bachelors – 5 years, specialists -1 year.

One can obtain a master's degree in three programs for masters (1,5 years): «Accounting and Audit» (day-time form of education); «Business Economics» (day and correspondence forms), and since 2014 a new economic master program is opened - «Management of financial and economic security» (day-time), which is very popular and demanded nowadays.

In 2011 we opened for the first time a reduced three-year bachelor educational program for graduates from colleges and technical schools who have a diploma of a junior specialist. Such education is possible to obtain both at the day-time department and at the correspondence department. Since 2014 a two-year program is opened for bachelor education for graduates from colleges and technical schools in integrated curricula for students in specialties «Business Economics» and «Accounting».

The educational process at the Faculty is closely linked with industrial enterprises: students have technological, productional and pre-diploma practice at the leading enterprises of food industry, restaurants, hotels and tourist companies of Odessa Region and Ukraine ("Vitmark-Ukraine", "Shabo", "Fores" "Mironovskyi Khleboproduct", "Odessa Karavai", "Odessakonditer", "Midel», «Love to travel», «M. Only» and others.

Specialty «Accounting and Audit» is traditionally popular, and it is not by chance. Not a single enterprise can work without an accountant or an internal auditor. Today, his/her work is not only necessary, but it is also well paid. In most countries of the world, despite the saturation of the labor market with accountants, auditors, supervisors there is their advanced growth relative to other professions.

Work of an accountant has been transformed from monotonous to creative. The accounting today is an information system which reflects the status and movement of assets, settlements and liabilities and financial results. Our graduates have skills of work in the field of economic analysis, accounting and financial accounting, taxation, auditing, control and audit not only in the sphere of industrial production, but also in the field of commercial services, in the field of small-scale business, in activities of regulatory authorities, forensic accounting examination. The importance and necessity of such knowledge is dictated by wide development of small business in Ukraine, rise and development of production, a revival of scientific and production potential, it opens up wide opportunities for our graduates in employment in the following positions:

  • Accountants, accountant-cashiers, auditors, supervisors in purchase and sale of industrial realty, financial managers;
  • Auditors experts, internal auditors, forensic accounting experts, advisors in tax optimization and financial issues, accountants-auditors;
  • Statisticians, researchers, heads of economic sectors at enterprises, chief accountants, tax inspectors, financial directors, experts and analysts of the tax service, employees of the tax police, heads of audit firms, directors of enterprises, etc.

Specialty «Economy of enterprise» – is primarily a fundamental training and practical skills for effective work in all economic departments of enterprises of different ownership forms. "Business Economics" is the most common economic specialization in the labor market of our country. Each technical, technological, organizational or administrative decision in the company needs a reliable feasibility and continuous economic monitoring of its implementation and enforcement. Economists of a company is a shield that protects it from technical, market and financial upsets. In critical situations, they play a role of an economical advocate for managers of the highest level.

Future graduates – are:

  • Economists in planning, specialists in estimation; consultants in effectiveness of investment projects, consultants in the effectiveness of innovative projects;
  • Senior economists, experts in the field of economic consulting, chief economists at enterprises, economists in labor norms;
  • CEOs, directors of branches; chiefs of bureaus (shops), heads of planning and economic departments, heads of small business establishments.

TThe Faculty carried out constant monitoring of popularity of economic specialties among the future students, as well as it traces the current needs of various industries in Ukraine in specialists in economics. So, according to UNESCO recommendations, in Ukraine tourism, hotel and restaurant business are recognized as the fields that require a priority development, which naturally requires appropriate training of professional personnel. In addition, nowadays of the primary significance are matters of investment attractiveness for food production, necessity of their competent evaluation, attraction of financial flows and their economic safety. Due to the urgent need of training in these fields, in 2010-2015 the Faculty opened new specializations and training programs (including Masters):

  • Economics of tourism;
  • Economics & hotel and restaurant management;
  • Accounting, analysis and audit in banking;
  • Economics of food industry enterprises;
  • Economics of investment projects;
  • Forensic accounting expert examination;
  • Business administration;
  • Accounting and reporting in small-scale business;
  • Valuation of business and realty;
  • Economic controlling;
  • Economic consulting;
  • Financial control in customs activities;
  • Financial control and audit;
  • External (independent) audit and state control of enterprise activity;
  • Financial-economic safety of an enterprise;
  • Internal audit;
  • Economic safety of food production;
  • Finances and control in customs activities;
  • Consolidation of information in associated corporations;
  • Accounting and control of taxation;
  • Anti-recessionary management at an enterprise.

In 2014 a new master program was opened for economical education «Management of financial-economic safety» with assignment of the following qualifications:

  • Analyst in financial-economic safety;
  • Professional in financial-economic safety,

which is related to necessity in training of specialists for governmental authorities in all levels for establishments, banks concerning safety of economic information and effectiveness of their activity, anti-raider measures, quality of food products and their provision, safety activity – where applicants who have a diploma of a bachelor, specialist and master in any specialty can enter

Specialization and training programs for this master program:

  • Food security in the region
  • Economic safety of an enterprise
  • Security of food production
  • Information safety in enterprise activity
  • Analysis and consulting in financial and economic safety
  • Management of information safety programs
  • Financial and economic safety of an enterprise.

Future graduates:

  • Experts in economics, analysts in financial and economic safety, experts in technical and industrial safety, experts in information safety, economic advisers, experts in food security;
  • Professionals in corporative safety, private detectives, militarized guard inspectors, specialists in arrangement of property and personal safety;
  • Bank officers in financial and economic safety, heads of enterprises, chiefs of safety departments (financial and economic, food, information, technical, etc.).

The professors and lecturers of the Faculty believe that students’ participation in research work is a significant factor for extending knowledge and creative mastering of educational material. The results of these investigations are reflected in the reports at scientific conferences, in course and diploma works, in scientific articles. Since 2004-2015 students of the EB&C Faculty have been winning the first and prize-winning places in Ukraine at students’ olympiads and conferences in accounting, management and economics. Thus, in 2015 at the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in specialty “Accounting and audit” the winner was a 4-year student in this specialty of the Faculty – Anastasia Pastyr.

На факультеті стежать за долями своїх випускників, за їх кар´єрним зростанням, за тим, як набуті знання в академії допомагають у професійній роботі.

We can not only study well, but to rest well, as well – students of the Economy, Business & Control Faculty take an active part in traditional contests of the Academy – “Miss of Academy”, “First-Year Student Day”, the “Club of the smart & the merry” team “Faculty” is the winner of the Cup of the Mayor of Odessa in this fascinating competition; title “Miss of Odessa-2010” belongs to the student of our Faculty – Larisa Gerzhova, title “Miss of ONAPT – 2011” – also was won by our student – Kaminovska Anastasia. Students will keep in their memory for a long time our traditional “Weeks of the Faculty” where everyone could show his or her talent by speaking on their profession and Faculty.

More information about the Faculty of Economy, Business and Control can be found on the web-site www.febik.onaft.edu.ua.