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Faculty of Computer Systems and Automation

Dean, Cand. of Tech. Sci.
Svytyy Ivan Mykolayovych,
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Faculty of Computer Systems and Automation performs training of bachelors in two specialties:


Specializations and programs of training:

  • Automated control of technological processes;
  • Automated control of business;
  • Automatic control of robotic systems;
  • Automated control of refrigerating systems;
  • Automation of ship refrigeration units;
  • Automation of business processes;
  • Artificial intelligence systems;
  • Informatization of present-day production;
  • Software for control systems;
  • Computer service;
  • Technical controlling.


Specializations and programs of training:

  • Electromechanical systems of automation and electric drive;
  • Mechatronic and robotic systems;
  • Automated electric drive of machines and industrial robots;
  • Marine electromechanical systems;
  • Automated electric drive of refrigeration units;
  • Household appliances.

Training is carried out by day-time and correspondence forms on the governmental budget and contract basis.

The graduate departments Automation of technological processes and robotics systems (ATP&RS) and Electromechanics and mechatronics (E&M) are ones of the leading and oldest in the CIS, they have a long history and prestige in the scientific world.

The teaching staff of the Faculty providing the educational process consists of highly qualified professionals who carry out current research works and improve their skills continuously in the advanced industrial enterprises. Curricula are supplemented every year with new subjects that reflect modern trends in science and technology. The material and technical base is continuously updated with modern software and hardware, with the latest equipment. This allows to transfer only actual knowledge to our students.

Special attention at the Faculty is paid to cooperation with production, since training of qualified specialists in the fields of training and specialties of the Faculty is not possible without proper practical training. The departments of the Faculty have relations with many enterprises and companies, both in Ukraine and abroad. In some industrial enterprises there are branches of our departments. For the past year a branch of the ATP&RS department has been opened on the base of S-ENGINEERING company. The permanent partners of the E&M department are regional representatives of the EATON company.

In the process of training in specialty «Automation and computer-integrated technologies» students learn various production technologies, methods of their automation, metrology and instrumentation, management theory and industrial automation equipment, operating systems and environments, software applications and programming languages. They learn the basics of simulation, research and design, installation and commissioning, as well as operation of automatic and automated information-controlling systems and their components, including computer networks and automated workplaces (AWP) for various levels of production management.


Specialization «Automated business management» is aimed to explore methods and means of controlling the economy, management, accounting and information support of production or enterprise, solution of problems of optimization for various services and the enterprise as a whole.

In the process of training in specialty «Electricity, electric engineering and electromechanics» students learn methods and means of automatic monitoring and control of electric drives for technological equipment, electromechanical and mechatronic systems, electrical household appliances. They learn programming of microprocessor equipment in the languages of different levels, simulation, testing and operation of modern electromechanics and electricity systems in industry, construction, transport and everyday life.


Recently, on the Faculty opened and rapidly developing specializations «Automatic control of robotic systems» and «Mechatronic systems and robotics», which direct to study, develop and integrate robotics and artificial intelligence devices into all spheres of human activity.


Students of the AM&R Faculty acquire a serious engineering and computer training, which makes them leading experts. Our graduates can work at any enterprise where the newest technologies of automation and control of technological and business-processes are applied, in design organizations for elaboration of electric drive systems and automation systems, - with the system for arranging urban and railway electric transport, foreign-going ships, banks and offices included.

Our regular partners, who provide students with employment: Siemens, Eaton (Moeller), S-Engineering company, NIBULON, Group of companies PJSC Mironivsky Hliboproduct, Odessa port plant and many others.



More information about the Faculty of Computer Systems and Automation can be found on the web-site www.amir.onaft.edu.ua.