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Сonference - Water in food industry

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies
Department of Bioengineering and Water

Invites you to take participation in scientific works

XІ Scientifically-Practical Conference

«Water in food industry»

which will be 20 – 21 of March, 2020 in Odessa аt support:

  • Associations of water-purifying technices and cleared waters (АWТ)
  • Associations of bottled mineral and drinking water of Ukraine
  • International academy of sciences of ecology and safety of ability to live
  • AL "Odessa mineral water plant" Kuyalnik "



  • Chairman of the Organizing Committee - Yegorov B., D. Sc, professor, rector ONAFT
  • Deputy chairman – Povarova N. – vice-rector on International Relations of ONAFT
  • Deputy chairman - Kovalenko O. – Head Department of ONAFT, D.Sc. associate professor

Participants of the organizing committee:

  • Solonitskaya I.V. - Director of the educational and technological institute of the food industry of M. V. Lomonosov ONAFT, Ph.D., associate professor
  • Sarkisyan A.A. - Dean of the Faculty of Technology of Wine and Tourism Business ONAFT, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Strikalenko T.V. - Professor of the Department of Bioengineering and Water ONAPT
  • Psahis B.I. - President of the Association of Manufacturers of Water Purification Equipment and Purified Water, Director of the Scientific and Technical Center “Water Treatment” FHI NASU, Professor
  • Zaitseva L.S. - Director of "Odessa mineral water plant "Kuyalnik

Secretariat of the conference:

  • Tatyana Grigorieva - Assistant, Department of Bioengineering and Water, ONAFT, mobile number: 095-766-03-00; 098-000-77-20

The address of the organizing committee of the conference “Water in food industry”:

Kanatnaya, 112, Odessa, Ukraine, 65039, Дх-219, Дх- 225 Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies (;


≡ The main objectives of the conference ≡

  • Generalization of the results of fundamental and applied research in the field of water treatment for the needs of the food industry.
  • Discussion of new ideas, development of joint projects.

The following issues will be discussed at the conference:

  • Promising technologies, modern reagents and materials for water and wastewater treatment.
  • New methods and devices for the study of water quality indicators.
  • Bottled water and drinks - actual problems of rationing, production and quality.
  • Protection against corrosion in water transport networks and technological equipment.
  • Ecological, energy and economic aspects of water use in food production..

Requirements for the design of abstracts of the report

The Conference languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English. The format A4 and printed on one or three fully filled|spacefill| pages with the following parameters: top, bottom, right – 2.0 mm, left – 2.5 mm; headlines – 1.25. Times New Roman (usual), a line spacing - unary |single-face|, Arrangement of carryings over is automatic. (Microsoft Word 2003-2010, Times New Roman, regular style, single line spacing, paragraph indent - 0.63 cm, alignment - in width, hyphenation - automatic.

The structure of theses:

  • UDC in the upper left corner of the page (12 pt.);
  • after one interval - the name of the thesis in bold capital letters in the center of the page (14 pt.);
  • further, after one interval, in bold (12 pt.) - the surname and initials of the authors and supervisors, indicating the academic title and scientific degree;
  • below, after one interval, in bold (12 pt.) - the full name of the organization, city;
  • further, after one interval, the text of the theses of the report is printed in usual font (12 pt.);
  • end the thesis with conclusions and a list of information sources (DSTU GOST 7.1: 2006).

Tables, figures, diagrams (black and white) are placed after the mention in the text.

Requirements to the file: the name by the name of the first author (for example: Petrov.doc, docx)


To make a decision on including you in the conference participants and your report in the conference program, you need to send an e-mail to the organizing committee at (and be sure to duplicate to the mail

  • application for participation in the conference;
  • theses of the report.


The deadline for submission of applications and abstracts is March 15, 2019.

Materials that do not meet the above requirements or will be sent after the deadline will not be accepted.

All conference participants will receive an electronic version of the conference materials collection.

The materials of previous conferences can be found on the website of the Department of Bioengineering and Water ONAFT (


to participate in the conference

Surname _________________________

First name _____________________________

Middle name ___________________________

Name of the organization ______________

Faculty, group (for students)___________

Position (for graduate students, young scientists

and scientific leaders) __________________

Academic title, scientific degree (for young scientists and scientific leaders) ______________________

Mailing address _________________________

Phone, fax ____________________________

E-mail address (necessarily!)_____________

Theme of the report ________________________

Joint authors _____________________________


Invitation to the conference in electronic form - 2020